Our mission is to make sure vision, hearing, or other medical problems are ruled out before a child is labeled so every child has a chance to reach their full potential.  Our mission is to be an advocate for our community’s children and help set them on a path to success from an early age.

How It Works

Designed for children ages 3 and older, it takes just a few minutes per child to complete. Our screening specialists strive to perform accurate screenings while making it fun for the children. Minimizing classroom interruption is also a top priority. Our free mobile screenings are quick, non-invasive and always child-friendly.

For the vision screening, MEDARVA uses the Plusoptix mobile screener, the world leader in objective vision screening devices. All children need to do is simply look at the smiley face on the device and the camera will take their picture in seconds.

For the hearing screenings, MEDARVA uses a proprietary screener specifically designed for the program. The screener uses headphones and plays a series of animal sounds at different volume levels and the child identifies which animal they heard.

After the screenings are completed, MEDARVA provides the results—either a “pass” or a “refer” status, with more information to take home to their parent or guardian.

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