In response to COVID-19 and the recent school announcements, the Vision and Hearing Screening Program events have been temporarily moved out of the schools.
We are still here to serve you and your children. Please call us at 804-545-0294 to learn more or schedule a screening event.

Vision Screening Referral

If your child was recently screened at school by MEDARVA and failed the vision screening, this indicates a need for further evaluation by an eye doctor.  An eye doctor can determine a diagnosis and may recommend a treatment plan. If a problem is found and corrected, it may help your child do better in his or her school work.

Next Steps:

  • Make an appointment with an optometrist or ophthalmologist 
    • Vision impairments in children can occur for many reasons. Early treatment is crucial to prevent permanent vision loss. The eye doctor can determine if and what treatment needs to occur.
    • Make sure the provider you choose will see children. Bring your child’s vision screening results with you.
  • Contact us to let us know the outcome of the exam
    • It is important to us to follow up with the children we screen. Please give us a call at (804) 545-0294 or email us at and let us know the outcome of the exam. Our free program can continue if we are making a difference in children’s lives!
  • Call us with any problems, questions, or comments.
    • Need further assistance? We have resources available and we’ll do what we can to help.
    • Our program strives to remove barriers from a child’s education by not stopping at just identifying a potential problem, but by actively engaging the parents, schools, and community resources to ensure any issue is resolved. 



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