How Our Screening Equipment Works


Vision Screening

The MEDARVA Vision and Hearing Screening Program uses the Plusoptix Mobile Screener to check the vision of children. Plusoptix is the world leader in objective vision screening devices and is currently being used in more than 50 countries! Features of the screening device include:

    • Smiley face for child-friendly use
    • Immediate and reliable pass/refer screening results
    • Binocular screening of both eyes within 1 second
    • Non-invasive use from 39 inches away
    • Ability to instantly print a full screening report

Hearing Screening

Hearing screenings are done using a proprietary hearing screener that was researched, built, developed and tested by MEDARVA. The device is considered state-of-the-art equipment with proven accuracy to detect potential hearing issues.

The auditory screener plays a series of animal sounds at a low and high volume level in each ear through noise canceling headphones. The child is given a picture display of four different animals. When the child hears the animal sound, they are instructed to identify the animal by pointing to the correct picture. This allows us to determine if the child is able to hear at the two different levels of volume. If the child does not respond to one of the test volume levels, they will be referred to their pediatrician for further testing.



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