In response to COVID-19 and the recent school announcements, the Vision and Hearing Screening Program events have been temporarily moved out of the schools.
We are still here to serve you and your children. Please call us at 804-545-0294 to learn more or schedule a screening event.

During the Screening

The screenings take about a minute per child to complete so children may come in groups of 10 more to the screening room. Older children or children who have been told what to expect typically get through the screening process even faster. For resources to help prepare parents and children for the screenings, click here.

For best results, screenings must be conducted in a quiet room with adjustable lighting. A school staff member is required to be present during the screenings. We will collect signed consent forms the day of the screening as the children come to be screened.

The screening room will be dimly lit and everyone needs to be as quiet as possible. Children are briefly instructed that they will put on headphones and tell us which animal they hear and then take a quick picture.





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