Why Should My Child Be Screened?

A child needs many abilities to succeed in school. Good vision and hearing are key. It has been estimated that as much as 80% of the learning a child does occurs through his or her eyes. Reading, writing, white board work, and using computers are among the visual tasks students perform daily. A child’s eyes and ears are constantly in use in the classroom and at play. When his or her vision or hearing are not functioning properly, learning, social development, and participation in sports can suffer.

The goal of the vision screening is to identify whether a child has a vision impairment, which can be significant enough to effect learning. Sometimes vision problems can cause many of the same symptoms as ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, and other health concerns, so it is critically important to check vision first, before a child is mislabeled.

A hearing problem can affect a child’s learning, speech and language development, and even balance. Before a child is labeled “clumsy” or “inattentive,” their hearing should be checked to rule out hearing loss.


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