In response to COVID-19 and the recent school announcements, the Vision and Hearing Screening Program events have been temporarily moved out of the schools.
We are still here to serve you and your children. Please call us at 804-545-0294 to learn more or schedule a screening event.

Before the Screening

There are just a few things we need from you before your screening. All of these materials will be sent to you via email the day you book your screening.

First, we need you to read and sign our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU outlines what we need to perform our screenings accurately.

Next, we will need you to fill out our roster template with the children who will be participating in the screenings. To get a projected number, count the children age 3 all the way through 12th grade that you want to participate in the screening. When you first book your screening, you may choose to start on the roster template immediately and then just delete the children who do not turn in a consent form. You could also put a deadline on when consent forms should be returned and then type the roster based on who turned in a form. Rest assured, we only use the contact information on the roster to alert the parents if their child does not pass the screening.

Finally, since some schools choose to type all enrolled children on the roster, we will collect signed consent forms the day of the screening as the children come in to be screened. We call the consent forms their special ticket so they can play with us.




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