In response to COVID-19 and the recent school announcements, the Vision and Hearing Screening Program events have been temporarily moved out of the schools.
We are still here to serve you and your children. Please call us at 804-545-0294 to learn more or schedule a screening event.

After the Screening

Results of every child screened will be provided to the school for distribution to the parents within a week of the screening. If the school needs their own copies for student health records, a MEDARVA staff member should be notified.

Following up with referrals in a timely manner is the most important component of the screenings and often the most difficult and time consuming. After the screening, school staff are required to help MEDARVA follow up with referred children to see if they received a full evaluation from an eye care professional, ENT specialist, or primary care provider and any necessary treatment.
Early treatment is crucial to prevent permanent vision or hearing loss. Educating and communicating with the parents as well as school staff is key. Without additional effort from the screening team and school, only one-third of referrals follow through with an appointment. Our program strives to remove barriers from a child’s education by not stopping at just identifying a potential problem, but by actively engaging the parents, schools, and community resources to ensure any issue is resolved. Parents may not take children for a professional eye exam for a variety of reasons such as the following:

  • No insurance or unsure of what coverage their child has
  • Can’t find an eye doctor that will see young children
  • Appointment times not convenient for parents 
  • Lack of transportation

The relationship teachers and other school staff members already have with the children and families is crucial to children receiving proper medical treatment. MEDARVA is available to assist you with the follow ups and connecting families to resources if necessary.






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